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Kyra Radcliff is now an award winning author. It’s a big, big moment for everyone in the DHP family as well as Kyra. I had the opportunity to sit down with Kyra and have a chat about what the 2021 IPPY award, for her title ‘The Billionaire Is Conned’ means to her. Needless to say she was very happy. I won’t lengthen this introduction any more. Let’s get straight into this interview with Kyra.
I’ll get straight to the big one, what does this award mean to you?
K: It means a lot. As a first-time author, with my first book published around a year ago, it’s a big vindication of the passion that I inject into my efforts writing, in addition to the reviews of independent readers. The award has boosted my confidence, spurring me to continue writing.
When you were told that we had submitted your book for this award, did you anticipate such a result?
K: Absolutely not. With the talent out there and associated intense competition, I wasn’t hopeful at all. I was simply pleased that the publishers had chosen what I considered to be one of my best works to be submitted for an award.
You come across as quite confident. Does this award add to that, or do you see this as more of a justification of your writing quality?
K: As I’ve said earlier, both actually. Yes, I’m confident in my ability. I’ll let you in on a little secret. I love reading my own books, especially when they make me laugh or cry. Having said that, it’s a big relief and immensely satisfying when others (readers) feel the same way.
Where does this award stand in terms of your accomplishments in life?
K: It’s right up there, probably topping everything else that I’ve achieved in life. I have received awards and accolades, mostly through professional life and a few in my personal life. For instance, I’ve been told that I have a very high AQ (Adversity Quotient). But most of these are from a relatively small group of people, not such a broad, global platform.
Can we expect more titles like this book?
K: I’ve already written another dozen or so books and am in the process of writing my thirteenth. They will be soon published, one every other month, but the question is really to the publisher. Quite soon, I expect.
What’s the secret ingredient in your books?
K: Ah. I like passion, drama, twists and turns. My heroines are not simpering and helpless like the genre of yore, but are strong, independent, fearless, assertive yet compassionate. My heroes are varied – some are your typical alpha male, while others are sweet and tender. All of the characters in my books – both protagonists in particular have quite human flaws. However, an important and secret ingredient is a twist towards the end – a surprise most readers would not expect to see in his genre. The Billionaire is Conned has a twist all the reviewers have acknowledged was not only unexpected but hugely enjoyable. Another secret ingredient is redemption – a big theme within my books. In Billionaire Boss, Undercover Affair, it is the leading lady who redeems herself. In The Billionaire is Conned, it’s Lyle. Mostly the heroes, of course.
Why do you think you won this award?
K: I don’t know for sure, but I suspect for the reasons I’ve stated in my previous answer – the differences between my book and others in this genre.
I wanted to ask what your favourite book that you’ve written is, but seeing as this is an award winner is it ‘The Billionaire is Conned’?
K: Now, it is, of the books that have been published. If I’m to consider all the books that I’ve written, my favourite book is one yet to be published, called Missing Melody. It’s about an ex-rock star and a lawyer. There’s even a song in it. And yes, loads and loads of drama, angst, revenge, betrayal, passion and redemption.
Do you have a favourite character or scene in this book?
K: A few scenes. The opening sequence where the hero meets the heroine is one, with Lyle believing Fifi to be a teenager. The scene where Fifi comes to dinner at his residence in nothing, but nightwear is another, outraging our hero, Lyle. Also, in Rome in a public square where he imagines and jots down the feelings of total strangers as an exercise Fifi gives Lyle. Favourite character: hmm. Fifi, of course. Outside of the main characters, I’d have to say it was Lyle’s mother.
Where do you write? Do you have a special room, shed, barn, special space for your writing? (Your shed, room, closet, barn, houseboat….) Or tell us about your ‘dream’ workspace.
K: Home office, Spa on occasion. My dream workspace is probably the spa.

How does anyone get work done in a spa?

Do you have any special rituals or quirks when you sit down to write? (a neat workspace, sharpened #2 pencils, legal pad, cup of tea, glass of brandy, favourite pyjamas, etc.)
K: My only special ritual is sitting in the garden (or in my bed) imagining the scene, the dialogues, the feelings and emotions, over and over again, until I’m ready to write it.
You’ve written quite a few blogs, so we know a few things. Could you tell us something about yourself that we might not already know?
K: I’ve been through several personal adversities that I don’t like talking about directly, coming through them, not completely unscathed, but having survived. I truly believe that these experiences are collectively the secret behind my strength and source of inspiration. Redemption is a big theme in my books, as it is in The Billionaire is Conned.
And there it is. Thank you Kyra for taking the time to answer our many questions. You can learn more about the book either through Amazon or Goodreads.
Happy Tuesday!
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