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An Uneasy Alliance

Katherine James, Mayor of a sleepy island is forced to work as Tate Reilly’s social secretary to get her brother out of jail. And all because Keith had the temerity to fall in love with Tate’s sister. Now, with Tate’s sister apparently missing, Katherine has the perfect opportunity to teach the infuriating Tate a well-deserved lesson. Only, is she committing the ultimate folly, also falling for a Reilly?

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The Tech book cover

The Tech

Maverick FBI Agent Alexandra Cassidy has just taken over a crew of FBI discards, yet mysteriously finds herself solving cases in short order aided by a mysterious force. Could the shadowy Michael Paterson be involved? As she gets closer to the truth, revealing a formidable enemy, a deadly game of cat and mouse ensues putting her life in danger. 

The Italian Billionaire’s Kidnapped Mistress book cover

The Italian Billionaire’s Kidnapped Mistress

Tori Parsons finds herself whisked away to an island paradise by Alfonso Marchese, who’s convinced that she’s a selfish gold-digger. As sun-drenched days lead to steamy tropical nights, it’s instant starburst. Will the seductive challenge, blazing into a sizzling passion consume them both? Or will they find happiness?

The Billionaire Needs A Bodyguard book cover

The Billionaire Needs A Bodyguard

Private security consultant extraordinaire Lex Granger was tasked to protect billionaire tech mogul Michael Thornton against his will, without his knowledge and pretending to be an escort! Piece of cake? Not when she starts to fall for the sexy playboy and he seems to be falling for her too. What on earth will she do when he finds out the truth about her?


How to structure your story

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“So, it took me time to reach that lightbulb moment. Big Whoop. By that time, I was older, wiser and ready to launch into my new and exciting career as a writer. I spend all my idle time daydreaming of my heroines arguing and making love with their heroes – in equal measure, keeping secrets, solving mysteries, saving lives and finding the bad guys. After all, the influence of reading crime novels has narrowed my niche to writing romances steeped in mystery and intrigue. Thankfully, my experience reading tragedies has had no influence whatsoever. “

By Mark Ravine

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Just remember to always think twice

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Randi is chasing after a con-artist, a hustler who preys on women of means. She pulls out all the stops, even resorting to seduction to trap the wily winner of hearts. Problem is, his latest pregnant prey is in love with him quite desperately. Randi is left with a dilemma. Is she going to have to leave her own heart behind?

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