Besides being a technogeek and avid watcher of TV procedurals, Mark loves writing and surfing the net in his hunger and thirst for knowledge and information.

About me

A ‘rare breed’ is the perfect description of whom Mark Ravine is. Techno-geek who watches TV procedurals, enjoys writing and spends time surfing the net to satisfy his thirst for knowledge on diverse topics ranging from technology, science fiction, politics to TV/films. Mark has enjoyed a successful career in IT, yet he still conjures complicated plots in his head before unleashing his genius on the keyboard. An independent thinker who loves to give advice but seldom takes it; and also a conspiracy theorist who detests the news. Interestingly, he makes time to watch crime-thrillers, revenge action and occasional romcoms but somehow dislikes soap operas, horror flicks and psychological thrillers. Mark is happily married with two sons.

Heart-racing thrillers

The Tech

Misplaced trust will have devastating consequences. Read the international book awards finalist.

What our readers think

What an action-packed ride this e-read was. It grabs you by the throat in the first chapter, and I didn't look back as it answers these questions of "Who can Alexandra trust?


Avid Cat Reader - Amazon review

This book grabs you and never lets go, the action is jam-packed with danger, mystery. I was not disappointed, except for the fact that this book ended. I loved it.


Dcscake - Amazon review

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