Our Authors

Ravina Hilliard
An unpredictable personality, passionate about her beliefs, extremely sensitive and tolerant of others. Ravina found her “Happily Ever After” earlier in life and as a result of this, she learned how to cook from her well-travelled salesman husband. She loves writing about women in their entirety as well as alpha males discovering their ability to love and be loved. Edgy, outspoken and sees the world a bit differently from everyone else which makes her too trusting of people until proven otherwise. She’s family oriented, passionate about reading and soap operas, enjoys comedy, good music and has a soft spot for pets; especially large dogs. Ravina loathes procedurals, overemotional dramas, politics, disorderliness, arrogance, and over-familiarity. You can find her engaged in a long walk or run when she’s less busy.
Kyra Radcliff
Kyra’s love for big and energetic dogs is unrivalled although her passion for writing contemporary romance comes first! A foodie with a knack for whipping up different cuisines inspired by both her heroes and heroines. She loves to travel the world and ensures she visits her family and friends. An outgoing, fun-loving, romantic who is sociable and generous to a fault. She enjoys reading and taking long walks with her pets. She also loves a good debate, can be picky in her choices and sometimes confrontational in her approach. Kyra indulges in all things romance, humour, music and current affairs. She despises crime-action, procedurals, historical content, dishonesty and too much cleanliness. Her romantic experiences before marriage continually inspire her writing.
Mark Ravine
A ‘rare breed’ is the perfect description of whom Mark Ravine is. Techno-geek who watches TV procedurals, enjoys writing and spends time surfing the net to satisfy his thirst for knowledge on diverse topics ranging from technology, science fiction, politics to TV/films. Mark has enjoyed a successful career in IT, yet he still conjures complicated plots in his head before unleashing his genius on the keyboard. An independent thinker who loves to give advice but seldom takes it; and also a conspiracy theorist who detests the news. Interestingly, he makes time to watch crime-thrillers, revenge action and occasional romcoms but somehow dislikes soap operas, horror flicks and psychological thrillers. Mark is happily married with two sons.