A contradiction in almost every aspect of her life, Ravina can be mercurial in her moods, passionate about her beliefs, but extremely sensitive and tolerant of others.

About me

An unpredictable personality, passionate about her beliefs, extremely sensitive and tolerant of others. Ravina found her “Happily Ever After” earlier in life and as a result of this, she learned how to cook from her well-travelled salesman husband. She loves writing about women in their entirety as well as alpha males discovering their ability to love and be loved. Edgy, outspoken and sees the world a bit differently from everyone else which makes her too trusting of people until proven otherwise. She’s family oriented, passionate about reading and soap operas, enjoys comedy, good music and has a soft spot for pets; especially large dogs. Ravina loathes procedurals, overemotional dramas, politics, disorderliness, arrogance, and over-familiarity. You can find her engaged in a long walk or run when she’s less busy.

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The Billionaire's secret

Remember, love is a choice. Be vulnerable, brave. Read the international book awards finalist.

What our readers think

This book will draw you in from the start. It is full of drama, mystery, and heat.


Tiffany - Amazon review

This is a new author for me and I have really enjoyed the book. The storyline is very snappy - a sexy romance that has twists and turns with the intrigue that surrounds the main characters.


Cheryl - Amazon review

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