YOU Season 3 – The Grey Area

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YOU season 3 comes at an exciting time, releasing on the month of Halloween. The titular serial killer may just be the scariest on screen hero of 2021.

After 2 seasons, what can we expect and want from the third?

Warning: spoilers ahead!

There are some clear set themes that we can expect: glass cage, a lot of ‘I wolf you’ and the inevitable demise of an innocent bystander. The interesting new dynamic is, how is he going to go about his stalking, now that his partner is well aware of his antics? And this is where we can start to expect new things.

The Glass Cage

As featured in the first two seasons, our charming protagonist likes to house his prey in a glass box featuring a modern steel bucket and a table, if they’re really lucky.

The glass cage.


But I’d like to see something different this time. I’ve got nothing against the cage and after 2 seasons the story is engaging enough for me to not endure a plot flaw. However, looking ahead, I really don’t want future seasons of YOU to box itself in (see what I did there?) because it must navigate the use of this giant glass cage. By the way, how does he find another one, or bring the old one to LA? Answer comes with a prize…

An Equally Psycho Partner

As if the ‘I wolf you’ wasn’t bad enough, Victoria who plays Love decides to side with Joe and join in the act of killing innocent people. Now here’s the interesting part. This level psychotic behaviour tells me that when push comes to shove, Love will have the attitude of ‘If I can’t have you, no one can’.

Does this mean that Joe might actually be forced to kill Quin?! Or will Love pick up on Joe’s new interest and end it herself?

Season 2 does end with our handsome protag noticing his next victim. This badly shaped love triangle seems to have brought some tasty treats with it.

A More Sinister Side

In the last two seasons, Joe kills the local meanie. So when he slides the dagger between the bones, we gently clap our hands. However, his act is selfish and sinister. He is only doing it because it benefits him.

Cut the sugar coating! Either show me the absolute dark side, or tell me that the haunting reflections of his past victims actually slows him down. Character development is important and this maybe the fork in the road.

I can’t wait for season 3. Can YOU?

Drop some comments below and tell us what you thought.

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