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“You had me at hello” – One of my favourite lines!

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Kyra’s love for big and energetic dogs is unrivalled although her passion for writing contemporary romance comes first! A foodie with a knack for whipping up different cuisines inspired by both her heroes and heroines. She loves to travel the world and ensures she visits her family and friends. An outgoing, fun-loving, romantic who is sociable and generous to a fault. She enjoys reading and taking long walks with her pets. She also loves a good debate, can be picky in her choices and sometimes confrontational in her approach. Kyra indulges in all things romance, humour, music and current affairs. She despises crime-action, procedurals, historical content, dishonesty and too much cleanliness. Her romantic experiences before marriage continually inspire her writing.

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Never mix business with pleasure…

Phoenix “Fifi” Jones knows all about loss. A beautiful and brilliant entrepreneur, she’s no stranger to tragedy. But instead of letting grief consume her, she’s dedicated her life to helping others. Now, in addition to running an exclusive health resort, she has a successful career as a life coach, with a reputation for working miracles…

And it will take a miracle to get through the gruff, surly shell of her latest client. To all outward appearances, Lyle Cunningham seems to have it all. He’s rich, handsome, and runs one of the biggest consumer businesses in the world. But behind his brooding good looks, this brash billionaire still carries the rage and betrayal of a broken heart, simmering just beneath the surface.

When Lyle accepts a challenge to let Fifi streamline his fortune 500 company, the sparks begin to fly. Fifi is determined to prove that Lyle’s inability to trust is hurting his business. And Lyle is convinced that Fifi’s reputation is a sham designed to hustle unsuspecting victims like his mother. As he begins unravelling the mystery that’s Phoenix Jones, each discovery is another adrenalin-pumping twist on his rollercoaster ride. As their work takes them on a breath-taking tour of one of Europe’s most stunning cities, the guarded billionaire finds himself irresistibly drawn to Fifi’s beauty and free spirit…

And they both know the dangers of giving in to the inevitable conflagration that’s threatening to consume them.

But Fifi is keeping a rather large secret, one that can push Lyle over the edge. The question is … will he survive the fall? Or will it serve to convince him that he was right after all … never to trust?