Author Guidelines

At Dawn Hill Publications, we welcome authors of all genres from fiction to non-fiction, crime thrillers, romance, horror, science fiction … the list is endless! 

We welcome authors from all backgrounds, cultures, and communities. 

All that we ask is that your work captures the readers interest, an engaging writing style and free of punctuation and grammatical errors. 

At this moment in time, we have authors across the following genres: Crime Thrillers, Mystique (Romantic mysteries) and Contempo (Contemporary/Modern romances). While these genres are our initial focus, we aim to expand into other genres in the coming year.

The following are the set of requirements for submissions:

  1. A query letter, clearly stating your name – legal and pen name if different, title and number of words, genre (where the genre is not listed above, please consider using an accepted genre description), a short description of the book (no more than 120 words), your background including what inspired you to write the book, your target audience, and platform (applicable if your book is non-fiction). 

  2. Synopsis: Maximum 1500 words outlining the key plot elements – spoilers are allowed.

  3. Full manuscript in Microsoft Word

  4. If your book contains illustrations, please ensure that it conforms with public email size limitations or zipped as required. For larger sizes, please contact us using the email at the bottom of the page. 

  5. Please note that if your book is a combination of several genres, for example horror + science fiction, please state the main genre and sub-genres in your query letter.

  6. It may take up to twelve weeks for a response, so please be patient. If you do not hear from us within twelve weeks, please do send us a follow-up email 

  7.  that period, not before. Of course, you may be pleasantly surprised to hear from us sooner!

  8. At Dawn Hill Publications, we are committed to promoting new authors. However, even if you have been published, we welcome your submissions!

  9. The subject of the email should be either Query if you have a question or Submission: Title of the book – Author of the book – Genre (main genre) for example The Happy Highwayman – Leslie Charteris – Crime Thriller

  10. Manuscripts should be titled in exactly the same way as above – leave out spaces if necessary.

  11. Synopsis files should be titled Title-Synopsis

  12. Query letters should be titled Title – Query Letter

Don’t forget that we regularly publish help with writing. You can ask us anything about writing and publishing. Our authors regularly post blogs with various aspects about the writing and publishing experience. 

Please complete the form below.

We eagerly await your manuscripts!

Dawn Hill Publications Ltd.

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