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She’s one tough cop. And he’s got a license to thrill…

She’s one tough cop. And he’s got a license to thrill…

NYPD Detective of the Major Case Squad Sabrina Holt is tough as nails, smart as a whip, and beautiful to boot. She’s not looking for love. And she’s definitely not looking to babysit a spoiled, pretty-boy movie star.

Patrick Townsend is everything Sabrina despises. He’s wealthy, charming, and as far as she’s concerned, phony as a three-dollar-bill. But when her police commissioner uncle demands she takes Patrick on as a ride-along so he can prepare for a new role, she’s stuck with a bona fide Hollywood heartthrob in her passenger seat. And he’s hit with more sass than any one man can be asked to handle.

When her real partner gets roughed up by a suspect, Patrick steps in and gives the performance of a lifetime – a real-life one, saving Sabrina’s life in the process. Just as she begins to suspect there may be more to this handsome celebrity than meets the eye, they’re both dragged into web of mystery and lies.

As the danger grows, so does their attraction. But is desire blinding them to the truth? Can she really love a man whose life is so different from hers?

And more importantly, will they both live long enough to find out?

I really enjoyed this book! It was a sweet story with a few spicy scenes to keep you going. Plus, I LOVED Sabrina! Her character was incredible – a total bada$$ 😍

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A contradiction in almost every aspect of her life, Ravina can be mercurial in her moods, passionate about her beliefs, but extremely sensitive and tolerant of others. Ravina found her own HEA early in her life, learned how to cook from her husband – a well-travelled salesman. She loves writing about fiercely independent, yet vulnerable, sometimes emotionally stunted women and rough-around-the-edges alpha males surprised at their ability to love and be loved.

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