The Italian Billionaire Seduces A Thief

Even a billionaire can’t resist this thief of hearts…

Even a billionaire can’t resist this thief of hearts…

Meet Theresa Holden. Smart, accomplished, beautiful, and cool as ice. But when her mother comes down with deadly illness, and requires expensive surgery to survive, even a reformed thief can lose their cool. Now, Theresa is racing against time to recover a priceless work of art and claim the reward. If she fails, her mother will die…

Enter Vittorio Mancini. Suave, handsome, and devilishly charming, this world-renowned art collector has purchased the very same stolen sculpture that Theresa desperately needs. And if she has to engage in a torrid affair with the handsome billionaire to get her hands on it….

Well, there are worse fates she can imagine. As the pair engage in a seductive game of cat and mouse, what begins as physical attraction spirals out of control. Caught in a web of high stakes crime, Interpol investigations and the sinister scheming villains, they quickly find themselves overcome by smouldering passion. Which is all fine and dandy until Vito tantalisingly reveals that his feelings for her run deeper than she could’ve possibly imagined… or hoped… and wants considerably more than she’s willing to give.

Can their romance survive when Vito discovers that Theresa’s stolen a lot more than just his heart?

This book will draw you in from the start. It is full of drama, mystery, and heat.
Tiffany – Amazon review

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A contradiction in almost every aspect of her life, Ravina can be mercurial in her moods, passionate about her beliefs, but extremely sensitive and tolerant of others. Ravina found her own HEA early in her life, learned how to cook from her husband – a well-travelled salesman. She loves writing about fiercely independent, yet vulnerable, sometimes emotionally stunted women and rough-around-the-edges alpha males surprised at their ability to love and be loved.

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