Dear Diary – October

Okay, my lovelies. Time for an update and confession time. First the latter. I have never written a diary. Odd, I know. I suspect that

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In My Mind’s Eye

I suspect that most readers tend to visualise the main characters, and often the side characters as well, while reading a book. The book cover

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Memories. Inescapable in many ways, the most fortunate of us have a healthy mix of both good and bad events from our past that rear

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In Lighter Vein

I’m not sure how many of you read my last blog – Catharsis, but for those of you who didn’t, it was a touch serious,

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Serendipitous Hearts

Let me get this one controversy out of the way and we can get a move on. It’s not that I’m afraid of dragging on

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How Did I End Up Here ?

Can I share a secret with you? One that I haven’t even shared with my partner, the love of my life. Of course, he’s going to

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